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ANNOUNCEMENT!  NEW PROJECT WEBSITE Yes I Buy USA!  Here at Millionaire in 5 Years we’re dedicated to prosperity … and that means KEEPING JOBS IN THE USA!!! is our new project that focuses on that.

My name is Pete Russell – and I am COMMITTED to being a MILLIONAIRE IN 5 YEARS.  I’ll repeat that …



I’m also committed to guiding others to become millionaires – in just five years. That means I have a vested interest in your success!

On the website we’ll be exploring the strategies, mindsets and techniques that make this a REALISTIC GOAL. You can have this – you can be a millionaire in five years!

Trading and investing are key components to long-term wealth building.  Top-Down Day Trader at is part of my plan!


We’ll start with how we think. Most rich people are fundamentally no different rest of us – millionaires just think differently.  New concepts like Top-Down Day-Trader make all the difference!

What’s different about how millionaires think? There are many differences – however, there are a core group of essential ways of thinking that will be going into in detail.

COMMITMENT is the key. Millionaires don’t do things half-assed. Do you want to be a millionaire in five years? There’s one thing – one thing above all else – that can get you there. Commitment.

Write it down right now – I commit to being a millionaire in five years. Write it down – I did. I commit to being a millionaire in five years. Seriously – write it down. It makes all the difference.

And then honor that commitment.

Multiple Streams of Income

For most of us, it’s a big goal to be a Millionaire in just Five Years. If you want to increase you chances of success – you need multiple sources of income.  if you have a day job, great – that means you’ve already got one income stream. If you don’t have an income right now, that’s okay – together, we’ll be learning some tremendous work from home income opportunities that you can do wherever you live.

The Internet is a Millionaire Machine. Top-Down Day-Trader is a Millionaire Machine.  You just have to know how to make them work. That’s what is all about.

Income Strategies and Techniques

We’ll be looking at a handful of fundamental strategies for achieving millionaire status:

  • Internet Business Income
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • The Freelance Hustle
  • Financial Market Trading and Investing – Growing Your Wealth
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Business Investing – Investing Your Profits in Small Businesses
  • Other Strategies to complement the above

Passive Income

Passive Income is an essential key to growing wealth  Many of the strategies will be discussing here at Millionaire in Five Years are designed with that in mind. Passive Income is the true secret to millionaire status. Most millionaires have passive income strategies. In fact, many millionaires derive most of their income from passive sources.

A Community of Wealth Builders

Sharing ideas is essential to success in any field of life. It’s easier to succeed when we do it together! The mastermind community here at is a resource that’s all about helping each other.

I Am Committed to Helping Others Become Millionaires
  • 10 minimum – this is just for starters – I want to help a minimum of 10 people become millionaires in just five years!
  • 25 target – I’m very serious about this number. My target is to help at least 25 people become millionaires in just five years.
  • 100 outperform – this is my big dream. The techniques and strategies we will be sharing here at can help 100 people become millionaires in just 5 years!

There will be much to learn, and much to do, to bring this into being. I’m very excited about the opportunity to help you succeed!

Next Steps

MAKE THE COMMITMENT.  Say it with me – say it out loud (replace my name with yours, of course) –

My name is Pete Russell and I Am COMMITTED to Being a Millionaire in 5 Years.

And forget any idea that you know how it’s going to happen.  Luxuriate in NOT KNOWING.

Stay tuned for updates. Right now, simply provide your e-mail below – stay with us for the ride of a lifetime.

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Make the commitment now to be a Millionaire in 5 Years!